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California Kickin' is a fun, edgy, fast-paced, California-based lifestyle/entertainment magazine show, hosted by network newswoman Leslie Cardé.

Each show contains three or four different segments within the half-hour. Its stories look at everything from the lifestyles of celebrities (the stories you haven't heard) to finding out what makes thrill-seeking extreme-sports athletes tick. We'll visit some of the strangest places you've ever seen, and cover the best of the best….whether it's roller coasters or martinis.

We'll get the lowdown on moviemaking...We'll show you how the classic Hitchcock film "The Birds" was made, with re-creations straight from its location shots in Bodega Bay, as the film's star, Tippi Hedren, (mother of Melanie Griffith, and mother-in-law of Antonio Banderas) tells us what it was really like to work with the infamous "Hitch". And we'll show you where the film "Sideways" was actually shot...inside the winery of another real-life celebrity best known for his coonskin cap.

We'll take you on location as movie stars are tattooed, and rock stars are making their music videos. And, we'll bring you stories that will touch your heart…the story of a woman who was totally blinded by lye-contaminated eye drops, and whose guide dog brought her back from the brink of suicide, so she could attain her dream of becoming an Olympic rower.

We'll get up close and personal with famous photographers and artists, and tell you how these talented folks got their start. We'll talk with the comedy impresario who gave Chris Rock, Jay Leno, and Jerry Seinfeld their big breaks. And we'll look at some of the up-and-coming comics on the Hollywood scene.

Join Leslie, as she partakes in some of California's sporting adventures. First up? A run off a cliff over Blacks Beach in San Diego. Then…looping and spinning in a WW I Biplane. We'll be up, up and away in a hot air balloon, and hitting the waters of Mission Bay in a seaplane…..or careening down whitewater rapids in a raft.

"California Kickin'" will bring you over 50 unique stories in its first 13 weeks, written and hosted by Emmy Award-Winning broadcast journalist, Leslie Cardé. Leslie has both a news and entertainment background. She's been a news anchor at CNBC, a foreign correspondent for CNN, the host of an NBC entertainment show in New York, a producer and narrator at E! Entertainment Television, and most recently the writer/director of an award winning documentary feature film. She brings her unique background to each and every story.

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